Targeting Health Disparities in Chicago with Education and Community Partnership

The Feinberg School of Medicine has many connections to local communities. One example of student involvement is the Keep Your Heart Healthy (KYHH) program.  KYHH is a community-based program that seeks to lower death rates from cardiovascular disease (CVD) by reducing the related risk factors and overcoming health disparities in Chicago. Through the program, medical students and attending physicians provide CVD risk assessment and counseling to low-income Chicagoans at risk for health disparities using the American Heart Association Life’s Simple 7® guidelines.


Collaboration for Better Health

Medical Students

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Volunteer Health Workers

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Community Partners

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Program Goals

KYHH seeks to reduce health disparities by reducing risk factors and increasing access to health care.

  • Medical students assess participants’ modifiable risk factors to empower them with culturally appropriate health education.
  • Participants learn more about their health and how to improve it while providing Feinberg medical students with valuable patient interaction experience.