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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Keep Your Heart Healthy


What is KYHH?

Keep Your Heart Healthy is a student organization at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine that performs blood pressure screening and heart health counseling in Chicago communities. We aim to empower people to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality by explaining the importance of controlling blood pressure, counseling about modifiable lifestyle factors that affect blood pressure, and encouraging follow up with healthcare providers for high blood pressure. For more information, see Program Overview.

What can I expect at a KYHH visit?

A medical student will take your blood pressure three times over the course of the encounter to maximize accuracy. You will be asked a few background questions about your health, eating habits, and physical activity level. Then the medical student will discuss proven ways to reduce blood pressure, such as quitting smoking and eating a heart healthy diet, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. He or she will help you brainstorm ideas to make heart healthy changes and identify barriers to achieving those goals, and may provide printed materials that you can take home. A physician is always present to evaluate participants whose blood pressure measures dangerously high or low and to answer additional questions.

I am a medical student or physician. How can I get involved?

KYHH recruits medical students in the fall. All are welcome to attend Fall Training taught by senior faculty in Preventive Medicine, after which they are eligible to attend KYHH events. For more information, see For MD Students.

The work KYHH does would not be possible without generous physician volunteers who attend the events. The program is an excellent opportunity to mentor students early in their medical training and help make an impact in the greater Chicago area. We are always looking for more physicians who are interested in volunteering and encourage you to reach out! For more information, see For Physician Volunteers.

I think my community center or event would benefit from this program. How can I get KYHH to come?

Keep Your Heart Healthy connects with community organizers to attend events that include health screenings. We are always looking for more contacts and event ideas. If you have a possible event in mind, we would love to hear from you! For more information, see For Community Partners.