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Instrument Access

To schedule time on the instrument after you have been trained please visit NUcore. Please familiarize yourself with CAM policies regarding reservation cancellation, data storage and billing prior to booking time.  

Training Sessions

If you are interested in being trained on an imaging platform, complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Training sessions are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon or 1 to 4 p.m. and are based on the availability of the staff and the instrument. Cost for the training session is $40.00 per hour in addition to the instrument time. We can train up to three individuals at a time for light microscopy (one at time for EM training).

See our Policies page for cancellation information.

Access to Read/Write Data

In order for new users to be able to read/write data, their PIs must contact Feinberg IT at to request access to FSMResFiles Core Facility server. Please provide the NetID of the PI and the NetIDs of the users.

Laser Safety Course

New users who need to utilize laser-based instruments (i.e., confocals) are required to take the myHR Learn laser safety course by the State of Illinois. To sign up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the myHR Learn site.
  2. Search for "Laser Safety Training."
  3. In the box for "Research Safety: Laser Safety Training," click on the dropdown menu and choose "Add to plan." Without this step, you will not be credited for taking the course.
  4. Click on the dropdown again and choose "Register," then follow the instructions for completing the course.

Only after you complete the course will your laser registration be updated in NUcore (it will appear the day after training is completed).

If you are an external user, you will need to obtain and affiliate NetID and access to MyHRLearn to complete the laser safety training course. Please contact Laurie Daniels; she can also aid you in obtaining the ID and setting up a PO for payment.


For Lago and laser capture microdissection training, contact Wilson Liu, MD.
For TEM training and TEM sample preparation requests, contact Lennell Reynolds.
For all other EM (including SEM) requests, contact Farida Korobova, PhD.

If you are interested in being trained on an imaging platform not listed above, please submit the following information:

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