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Purchasing Procedures

Catalog Orders

The BSA Procurement Team has transitioned how we process iBuyNU Carts from the labs we serve. Previously, labs directly assigned iBuyNU Carts to individual members of the BSA Procurement Team. We have transitioned to a process where Carts are assigned to the full BSA team, so that all of us can process Carts from any BSA-serviced department lab. This helps eliminate Cart reassignments due to absences and should ultimately ensure that each lab receives their orders more quickly and efficiently.

We created five related guides for the new process. If you are responsible for placing orders in iBuyNU for your lab, please carefully review the following:

  • The iBuyNU Setup User Group guide reviews "User Group" creation; this is a one-time setup event for each lab and should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.
  • The iBuyNU Create Group Cart guide reviews how to utilize your new "User Group" and create a "Group Cart" that BSA will process on your lab’s behalf.
  • The iBuyNU Edit User Group guide reviews the steps for updating your lab’s "User Group" when either BSA or lab staff change.
  • The iBuyNU Group Cart History guide reviews how to look up the Cart History for your lab's Group Carts.
  • The iBuyNU Procedure Guide reviews the steps for entering your iBuyNU order into the PO Tool.

Fisher Stockroom Orders

To maintain transaction accuracy, Fisher Stockroom pickup orders will be processed exclusively by Fisher Stockroom employees on behalf of all BSA-serviced labs. Please be prepared to provide the appropriate Cart Name and Note Field (containing your lab’s payment chart string) to the stockroom employee when picking up your order.

Procurement Inquiries

If you have any questions about this process change, please email the BSA Procurement Team, and we will respond to your inquiries shortly.

Non-Catalog Orders

Purchases from a company whose catalog is not in iBuyNU are referred to as 'non-catalog.'

Lab members must submit these orders using the Basic Science PO Tool (log-in using the VPN). Required information includes:

  • Vendor name
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Description
  • Unit Price
  • Please add brief justification in the comments section.
  • Upload attachments including quotes, invoices, agreements, etc.
Refer to the PO Tool Order Guide for details in submitting orders.

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