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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this project with any mentor?

This opportunity is open to all NU investigators with NIH funding. However, if your mentor does not have NIH funding, we will help you to adjust your proposal and pair that mentor with a funded mentor - the project should be developed in close collaboration with the primary mentor.

How can I find out if my mentor is NIH funded?

The most complete information about faculty and NIH funding can be found on the NIH reporter website. You can check your mentor's funding by searching their name on the NIH website. Here is a list of faculty who have agreed to be mentors on the T35, additionally a list of all faculty at Northwestern with NIH funding.

What do I do if I don't know who to work with?

Email us with your area of interest (basic, translational, outcomes research) and the topic of interest if known (e.g. kidney disease) and we will make mentor suggestions.  (if you recently filled out a survey we may not have received it, kindly reach out to )

Can I do research in any area of interest?

Yes, you can. However, the funding for this T35 is from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK). Therefore, projects related to diabetes, obesity, kidney diseases, digestive diseases and nutrition are preferred. 

Is there anything my mentor needs to submit for my T35 application?

No. However, ttogether with your T35 mentor, the student must develop their project proposal and submit the application. 

How many spots are there in the T35 Program?

There are 8 spots each summer.

All students interested in a physician-scientist career strongly encouraged to apply.  We encourage  underrepresented minorities (e.g. Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, disadvantaged background, American Indian/Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Disadvantaged Background, LGBTQAI+, Female, and/or Disabled (ADA)) to apply. 

Will I get a stipend?

Yes! This program is funded so those who are selected will receive a stipend for the duration of the program. 

What opportunities are offered after the T35 Program?

T35 trainees are strongly encouraged to apply to the Research Intensive Scholarly Emphasis (RISE) program. MOST RISE scholars will take their extra year for research after M2 or M3 years.

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