Meet the 2023 trainees of the T35 Summer Research Program!

Iris Bai


Mentor: Hassan Ghomrawi, PhD, MPH 

Project Title: Examining the association between heart rate variability(measured by a consumer wearable)and pain in pediatric patients undergoing appendectomy

Megan Ezeude


Mentor: Jaehyuk Choi, MD, PhD

Project Title: Molecular analyses of cutaneous lymphomas in skin of color


Taylor Keys


Mentor: Tara Lagu, MD, MPH

Project Title: Development, Validation, and Results of Model to Measure Rates of Cardiac Rehabilitation Use after Myocardial Infarction or Cardiac Surgery


Oluwadamilola Omojola


Mentor: Lisa Hirschhorn, MD, MPH 

Project Title: Sexual Health and Functioning in Older Adults in Countries in Africa


Hannah Soltani


Mentor: Amy Paller, MD

Project Title: Identifying Druggable Targets of Acanthosis Nigricans via Bulk Transcriptomics

Fatoumata Sylla


Mentor: Patricia Durkin Franklin, MD, MPH 

Project Title: Investigating the Impact of a Web-Based Decision Aid in Shared Decision Making When Treating Hip and Knee Arthritis

Connor Workman


Mentor: Amisha Wallia, MD;      Vehniah K Tjong, MD

Project Title: The Epidemiology of High School Sports Injuries Related to Obesity and Chronic Disease: A National 10-Year Comparison and Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Qihan Yu


Mentors: Norrina Allen, PhD, MPH 

Project Title: Neighborhood characteristics and childhood inflammation

2022 Trainees

Chorine Adewale


Mentor: Lauren Beach, PhD

Project Title: Investigating Socially Determined Disparities in Metabolic Syndrome Biomarkers in People with HIV

Adrienne Chen


Mentor: Josh Levitsky, MD

Project Title: Improving Living Liver Donor Informed Consent: What Do Donors Want to Know

Diamond Dominguez


Mentor: Lisa Hirschhorn, MD, MPH 

Project Title: Implementation outcomes of an intervention to improve Diabetes care, knowledge, and quality in Belize

Merve Ertem


Mentor: John Pandolfino, MD

Project Title: Esophageal Dysmotility and Systemic Sclerosis (SSc)

Megan Halkett


Mentor: Michael Ison, MD

Project Title: Safety of Shingrix Vaccination in Solid-Organ Transplant Recipients: A Single Center, Retrospective Study

Bonnie Huang


Mentor: Amani Fawzi, MD

Project Title: Studying Blood Vessel Changes in Diabetic Retinopathy using Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmology

Alexander Huang


Mentor: Daniela Ladner, MD 

Project Title: Epidemiology of Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

Katie Owens


Mentor: Kiarri Kershaw, PhD, MPH & Daniela Ladner, MD

Project Title: Effects of Food Environment on Liver Disease Outcomes

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