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Northwestern Summer Research Program for Medical Students


As a gateway for a clinician-scientist career, the Northwestern T35 Summer Research Program for Medical Students aims to offer academically promising medical students from the Feinberg School of Medicine and other schools in the greater Chicago area (Loyola, Chicago, Illinois at Chicago, and Rosalind Franklin) a rich and didactic summer researching basic science or outcomes research in their NIDDK area of interest.

Application Process

We ask that anyone interested please send an email to our team to confirm mentor criteria has been met. We are open to co-mentorships to meet the NIH funding criteria. Emails may be sent to Once confirmed we welcome your application submission via the link on the Application Information Tab. You will receive an email confirmation of your successful submission.  All students interested in a physician-scientist career are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by our selection committee shortly after the close of the application period.  Students will be notified when they can expect a response (usually mid-February).  The selected T35 trainees engage in an onboarding process prior to the summer that includes an onboarding lunch, training modules for IRB and RCR, and an introduction to the pertinent literature by the T35 mentor.

The Program

The summer program allows the T35 trainees to immerse themselves in their research project with their T35 mentors for 8-10 weeks (May-July). Daily T35 Lectures introduce the trainees to basics skills and knowledge related to performing research followed by lectures from T35 mentors about their NIDDK research and their academic pathway.

Weekly check-ins occur with the Program Director (Dr. Ladner) at the T35 Trainee Meetings allowing for cross-fertilization of trainees, progress reports, and mitigation of roadblocks. Half way through the summer, a NIDDK-funded visiting professor will come for the annual T35 Retreat allowing for a day full of exchanges with the trainees.

The summer will conclude with a poster session where students will present their research to faculty and staff. Ongoing feedback is solicited during the summer for lectures and the program. T35 mentors are evaluated by the trainees at the end of the summer to offer programmatic improvements. A concluding 1-page summary or -- preferably - an abstract submission to a national meeting is expected.

2024 Program Dates: MAY 13, 2024-JULY 12, 2024 


T35 trainees are highly encouraged to continue their research with their T35 mentor throughout their medical school tenure. They can even meet their Area of Scholarly Concentration (AOSC) requirements through this program! Ongoing mentorship is provided in bi-annual meetings with the T35 mentor during medical school. Networking opportunities are provided at the Meet-and-Greet, Onboarding Lunch, T35 Retreat, and Poster Session.

The T35 program enjoys the enthusiastic support from the Dean’s Office and participation of leaders from all participating schools, departments, centers, and institutes amongst the diverse T35 Committees.


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