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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Admissions

How to Apply

Admissions Statement on COVID-19 Impact to our Applicants for the Class of 2025:  

We understand that these unprecedented times are bringing many questions and concerns to the forefront for our applicants.  Our office and Committee on Admissions will be cognizant of the extenuating circumstances and curricular, grading, MCAT, and other impacts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic during the entire admissions process, including acceptance of delayed MCAT scores and careful consideration during holistic review in the upcoming 2021 Admissions Cycle. 

As you embark on your journey to medicine, in a time when global health is of our immediate attention, we hope you focus on preparing for the rigors of the practice of medicine by embracing your current learning or work environment, stay safe and healthy, and reach out to those most vulnerable in your communities. 

Learn about our process. Get everything you need to know about applying to Feinberg’s MD program: the when, how, who, and what to expect.   

  • Admissions Deadlines
    Don’t miss any important deadlines related to our application process.
  • Requirements
    We think you’re more than test scores, transcripts, and GPAs, but understand that you want that information anyway.
  • Interview Process
    Our interviewing process is a way for us to get to know our applicants as much as it’s an opportunity for them to get a taste of life at Feinberg and in Chicago.
  • Apply
    We welcome you to apply to Feinberg for your MD education. Take the first step.
  • Tuition and Financial Aid
    Medical school is a big investment. Be informed about with the investment you make in Feinberg, your education, and yourself. Learn more about cost, fees, debt, and aid.  
  • Entering Class Profile
    Our studentry is diverse in so many ways…what unifies them is they could all be described as “impressive.” Get statistics about this year’s entering class and beyond.
  • MD Student Body Profile
    Find statistics on the make up of our studentry.