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Center for Translational Metabolism and Health

The Center for Translational Metabolism and Health (CTMH) unites Feinberg scientists from across multiple disciplines to develop an innovative, world-class program of translational biomedical research and research training. We are currently focused on studying the impact of phosphate and fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) mechanisms in patients with chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease, but it is our hope to expand the center’s research to new fields in which translational research could have a positive impact on patient outcomes. The scope of CTMH’s scientific inquiry spans the spectrum of molecular biology, animal models, therapeutic target discovery, patient-oriented investigation, epidemiology, genetics, clinical trials, health disparities, and health policy research.

The CTMH seeks to enhance the mission of Feinberg through scientific innovation, discovery, growth of its federally-funded research portfolio, and by creating an engine for mentoring and training a future generation of scientists. 

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For more information about our research and contribution to education and mentorship at Feinberg, visit the CTMH website.

Center Information

633 N. St. Clair, 18th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Center Director
Tamara Isakova, MD/MMSc

Tamara Isakova, MD/MMSc

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Founded: 2013