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Breakthroughs is the monthly e-newsletter of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Research Office. The newsletter is distributed to faculty, staff, and students, and covers news, people and events related to the medical school's research enterprise.

Northwestern Medicine Magazine is a quarterly print and online magazine for the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the medical school, focusing on education, clinical, and research progress throughout the medical center.

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Student Interviews and Research Profiles

Current Students

Samantha Genardi

Matt Dapas

Shuang Zhang

Osefame Ewaleifoh

Chen Kam

Lisa Wren

Jasmine May

Hannah Gavin

Recent Graduates

Rahul Rai

Fei Chen

Megan Novak

Lizzie Aguinga

Celeste Mallama

Leidamarie Tirado-Lee

Rebecca Edwards

Kyle O'Hagan

Behnam Nabet

Evan Weber

Doug Wilcox

Rui Yang

Erin Lambers

John Brooks

Xianghou Zou

Laura Johnston

Lindsay Stolzenburg