Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences

DGP Sponsored Awards

Travel Grants

The DGP will provide a travel grant to all students in years 4 and beyond. This can be taken as a onetime $1000 grant, or two $500 grants for separate meetings. Eligible students must be first author on the abstract and must be presenting primarily their own work (oral or poster).  Students can only receive $1000 total while at Northwestern.

Applications will consist of:

* Completed application form, listing the meeting, dates, abstract title, authors, oral or poster, and signatures of student and advisor
* Abstract
* Estimate of costs for meeting registration, travel, room, and incidentals
* Copy of notice of acceptance to meeting or indication as to when the notification will arrive

Note that travel awards for DGP students are also available from The Graduate School, The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and the Center for Genetic Medicine.  All students conducting relevant research are eligible for and encouraged to apply to these travel awards regardless of their application for a DGP travel grant. 

Driskill Research Awards

Driskill Scholar Award  Two students each year will each receive a $750 award to recognize outstanding research achievement.  Nominees can be drawn from students currently in their 4th year (PhD) or 3rd year (MSTP) and beyond.  Students must be active (not yet graduated) on the date of the award.  Students are nominated by their faculty advisers.

Driskill Alumni Award  Two recent graduates will each receive a $750 award in recognition of their outstanding research achievements.  Nominees can be drawn from students who graduated between March of the previous year and June of the current year.  The criteria for DGP nomination are that the student published at least one first author, highly impactful and influential paper that largely formed the basis of the dissertation. Nominating letters should make reference to any additional commentary (News & Views, e.g.) that resulted from the paper.  However, commentary is not a requirement.  Alumni can be nominated by either their former faculty adviser or by any member of their thesis committee.

Student Service Award  Each year the DGP recognizes one student who has performed exceptional service for the benefit of the program and other students.  This award brings with it a $500 prize.

DGP Bonus for External Fellowships

DGP provides a bonus to students who secure funding through an individual fellowship from outside Northwestern.  The bonus consists of a one-time payment of 10% of the first year's stipend.  Eligible awards include, but may not be limited to, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, NIH NRSA awards, American Heart Association fellowship, American Cancer Society fellowships, HHMI International fellowship, and other similar individual fellowships.  A list of fellowship winners from recent years can be seen here.