Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Enrolling as a User

To purchase through the NUcore system, each user must have an account and at least one valid payment source. Accounts and payment sources can be created by any facility manager and by the NUcore support staff. 

User Accounts

In most cases, if you have used a facility that enrolls in NUcore, an account will be created for you automatically. If an account has not been created for you, you can request one from the manager or director of the facility in which you would like to make a purchase. If you would like an account but do not have immediate plans to use one of the facilities, you can contact the NUcore application support specialist (

Accounts for members of the Northwestern community are NETID-based. NUcore will retrieve your email address from the NU directory. Accounts for users outside of Northwestern are based on email address.

Payment Sources

To purchase in NUcore, a user must have a valid payment source. NUcore recognizes three types of payment sources: chartstrings, purchase orders and credit cards. Once a chartstring is established as a payment source, it may be used in any facility enrolled in NUcore. Chartstrings are validated directly with the NU Financials system. Purchase orders and credit cards established as payment sources are valid only in the facility in which the payment source was created. Not all facilities accept purchase orders and/or credit cards.

Each payment source has an owner and may also have purchasers and/or business administrators. Owners receive billing notifications for their payment sources and have the ability to add and remove purchasers. Purchasers may use a payment source and will receive receipts for their individual purchases, but do not otherwise have any control over the payment source. Business administrators receive billing notifications at the same time as owners and have the ability to review charges.