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The Office of Finance and Administration oversees and/or manages the financial aspects of Feinberg operations including budget, payroll, financial management, and financial planning. We also provide Dean and school level approvals for budgets, purchases, payments, transfers, journals, payroll, expense reports, and security access to payroll/financial portals.


FY19 Budget Methodology Presentation

FY19 Budget Methodology Presentation

FY19 Admin Budget Methodology Presentation

FY18 Financial Administrators Meeting

FY18 Financial Administrator's Presentation March 2018

FY18 Salary Planning Presentation 

FY18 Salary Planning Presentation 

FY18 Budget Methodology Meeting

FY18 Budget Methodology Presentation  April 2017

FY18 Budget Methodology Presentation - Administrative Units  April 2017

SharePoint Presentation  April 2017

FY17 Financial Administrators Meeting 

FY17 Financial Administrator's Presentation  February 2017

FY17 Financial Administrator's Presentation December 2016

FY17 Year End Close Meeting Presentation

 FY17 Year End Close Meeting Presentation 

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FSM transfer codes are posted in Financial Management.