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Contemporary Issues Certificate

The Contemporary Issues Certificate aims to familiarize students with the contemporary challenges and areas of inquiry in the fields of health services and outcomes research. The curriculum and courses are designed for pre- and postdoctoral trainees, including methodologists (e.g., statisticians and informatics specialists), who have graduate-level research experience but who would benefit from further training in health services research and outcomes-related content.

Students who pursue the Contemporary Issues Certificate will enhance their capabilities as independent scientists through new and deeper understanding of the relevant contemporary issues in healthcare. 

Students must reside in Chicago, as many courses are offered only in the traditional on-campus format. 

The Contemporary Issues Certificate is comprised of 4.5 course units: 2.5 required units and two electives. The numbers in parentheses below indicate the number of course units assigned for that course. 

Required Courses 

  • PUB_HLTH 323: Health Equity (1.0)
  • HSR 460: Ethical Issues in Health Services Research (0.5)
  • HSR 470: Health Policy (1.0)

Elective Courses (Choose Two)

  • HSR 462: HSR Topics: Grant Writing (0.5)
  • HSR 456: Applied Qualitative Methods & Analysis for Health Researchers (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 301: Behavior, Society, & Health (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 303: Environmental Health Sciences (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 390: Introduction to International Public Health (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 393: Introduction to Health and Human Rights (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 415: Health Promotion (1.0)
  • PUB_HLTH 420: Introduction to Health Management (1.0)