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Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project (HSR 500; 1.0 Course Unit) serves as a culminating experience and summative product of students’ experiences in the master’s program. It provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their research development, data gathering and management, analysis, interpretation and dissemination skills. The Capstone Project is conducted as an independent study. Students spend their first several quarters in the master's program developing an original and independent research proposal under the guidance of faculty advisers. Students gather data and complete analysis before enrolling in HSR 500. While enrolled in HSR 500, students draft their project manuscript, receive feedback from advisers and prepare a final manuscript that is suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Recent Student Projects

Capstone Title Student Graduation Year
Child Opportunity Index & Pediatric Firearm Injury Emergency Department Visits Megan Attridge, MD 2022
Differences in the Allocation of Healthcare Resources to Treat Patients with Cirrhosis Across Four Different Regions of the United States. A Cross-Sectional Study Daniel Borja-Cacho, MD 2022
Association of Neighborhood Characteristics with Healthcare Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs Meredith Johnson, MD 2022
Youth Suicides and County-Level Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas in the United States Jennifer Hoffman, MD 2022
Shared decision-making for families facing adversity and the role of the medical home Alyssa Cohen, MD 2022
Parent and Caregiver Perspectives on Social Need and Trauma Screening in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Qualitative Study Rebecca Asp, MD 2022
Patient-reported experience measures on HIV viral load testing at public health facilities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A convergent mixed-method study Peter Karoli, MD 2022
Knowledge and Practice Patterns Among Pulmonologists for Molecular Biomarker Testing in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Adam Fox, MD 2022
Association Between the Use of Balanced Fluids and Outcomes in Critically Ill Children: A Before and After Study
Matthew Barhight, MD
A Scoping Review on the Concept of Physician Caring David Burstein, MD 2021
Association Between Pre-Admission Factors and Deterioration Among Children Following Transport Cara Cecil, MD 2021
Validating a Local Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Transfusion in Lower Extremity Arterial Bypass Matthew Chia, MD 2021
Changes in Anesthesia Can Reduce Periprocedural Urinary Retention After EVAR Andres Gerra, MD 2021
Association of race/ethnicity with discharge disposition and quality of life following acute hemorrhagic stroke: A mediation test of gait interventions and patient support Roberto Lopez-Rosado, DPT, MS 2021
Applying the COM-B model to patient-reported barriers to medication adherence in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia Mallorie Heneghan, MD 2020
Conceptual Frameworks of Postoperative Recovery in Adults and Children Benjamin Many, MD 2020
Oncology practice patterns of risk-assessment and primary prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism Karlyn Martin, MD 2020
Radiation and hormonal therapy for primary treatment of stage I endometrial cancer and long-term survival Adam Pyrzak, MD 2020
A Baseline Assessment of Enhanced Recovery Protocol Implementation at Pediatric Surgery Practices Performing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgeries Jonathan Vacek, MD 2020