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Research Cores

Feinberg, directly and through its departments and centers, is committed to the establishment and support of centralized core facilities to provide investigators with the necessary access to instruments and services that might be otherwise beyond the means of individual investigators.


  • Administrative Core
    The Administrative Core provides strategic leadership and coordination of all center activities.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Population Health Equity Core
    This core addresses the need for community, clinical, and other stakeholder engagement. It houses the Health Equity Research Accelerator, which provides access to diverse patient population data and strengthens capacity for health equity-focused research.
    Core Director: Darius Tandon, PhD
  • Data Harmonization & Analysis Core
    Through this core, the center centralizes methods, processes, and data sources needed for a wide array of diabetes translational research by integrating expertise in natural experimental research, data harmonization, and multi-level analysis.
    Core Director: Mercedes Carnethon, PhD
  • National Translational Design Core
    This core provides national access to design large-scale, high-impact diabetes translational research by leveraging NUCADRe’s diverse strengths in pragmatic study designs, innovative yet feasible interventions incorporating health IT, and strong measurement design, including collection and analysis of patient reported outcome measures.
    Core Director: Ronald Ackermann, MD, MPH