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Preventive and Clinical Outcomes in Diabetes

Northwestern studies have transformed diabetes care throughout the world, significantly improving life for diabetics. We are also deeply committed to developing innovative approaches to obesity through our research nutrition, behaviors, and health communications. Ongoing work is uncovering how new technologies can further improve clinical care, as well as how educational measures can minimize diabetes and its complications and improve well-being.

Labs in This Research Lab

 Donald Lloyd-Jones Lab

Cardiovascular disease epidemiology, risk estimation and prevention

Research Description

Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ research interests lie in cardiovascular disease epidemiology, risk estimation and prevention. A main focus of his research has been investigation of the lifetime risks for various cardiovascular diseases and factors that modify those risks. Other areas of interest include cardiovascular disease risk estimation using novel biomarkers, imaging of subclinical atherosclerosis and the epidemiology of hypertension. His clinical and teaching interests lie in general cardiology with a focus on prevention.


For publications, visit the faculty profile of Donald Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM.


Email Dr. Lloyd-Jones

Phone 312-908-1718

 Bonnie J. Spring Lab

Behavioral risk factors

Research Description

My laboratory conducts research on behavioral risk factors (obesity, poor quality diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use). We also develop cutting-edge technologies that support self-regulation and healthy behavior change. Finally, we create on-line learning tools to support skill mastery in evidence-based practice and team science.

For more information, visit the faculty profile of Bonnie Spring, PhD.


View Dr. Spring's publications at PubMed.


Email Dr. Spring

Phone 312-908-2293