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Submission Process

If you're ready to submit a protein target and the host organism of your protein target is within the scope of CSGID, please access the CSGID Target Submission Portal or complete the downloadable CSGID Target Submission Report and email it to

The collaborator will need to provide the following target information:

Project Information

Describe a summary of project scope and biological or medical relevance, including links to supporting research and future application of the structural models.

GenBank or Refseq Accession Number

Justification Code

Please see justification code definitions and choose from one of the following options:

  • Drug target – validated drug target
  • Potential drug target – homology to validated drug target
  • Virulence – virulence factor or implicated in pathogenicity
  • Vaccine – antigen for vaccine development
  • Resistance – implemented in antibiotic resistance
  • Essential – highly conserved or necessary for survival
  • Immunity – implicated in host-pathogen interactions
  • Marker – molecular signature of pathogenicity or disease
  • Other – all other options; please describe in the justification rationale

Justification Rationale

Describe the precise function of the protein target or preliminary data that supports the justification code, as well as how it relates to the project scope.

Ligand Co-Complex or Functional Studies

Indicate if the protein target should undergo co-crystallization studies with small molecule compounds (ligand study) or other biologically-relevant macromolecules (function study).

Ligand or Functional Study Justification

Describe the precise ligand identity or preliminary functional data, including small molecule inhibitors, substrates, products, macromolecular binding partners, co-crystal structures, etc. Please also indicate how these co-crystallization studies will support the project scope.

DNA Source

Indicate a genomic DNA source for the host organism of the protein target (if known).