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Simpson Querrey Center for Neurogenetics

About Us

The Center for Neurogenetics aims to study rare diseases (affecting less than 200,000 people in the US at a given time) as a window to understanding more common conditions and develop new treatments across the lifespan. The initial focus is on neurodegenerative diseases for which conventional drug development has been particularly challenging, primarily due to the lack of accurate molecular targets and biomarkers. Our recent scientific discoveries have established a new direction for the development of targeted treatments for neurodegenerative disorders.

The Center for Neurogenetics intends to pursue and promote integrated and multidisciplinary approaches to facilitate early discovery and therapeutic development. Our strategy includes innovative clinical trial design and analytic methods tailored to defined subgroups of patients.

As we move forward in expanding the Center for Neurogenetics, our utmost priorities are to identify and examine new molecular and genetic links between rare and common disorders. The Center for Neurogenetics promotes collaborative efforts across academic and government institutions, industry and voluntary organizations to develop shared resources for discovery research and clinical trials.

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Institute for Translational Neurosciences

The Center for Neurogenetics is within the Institute for Translational Neurosciences at Northwestern Medicine. Through its centers, the institute seeks to explore molecular, cellular, developmental, structural, functional, evolutionary, computational and medical aspects of the nervous system.