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For the Public

Through our searchable database of faculty profiles, you can:

  • Find an expert and learn how to contact him or her
  • Identify advisers and mentors
  • Find scientific collaborators

 How do I contact a faculty member?

Faculty profiles include each faculty member's preferred contact information. Please contact faculty at the phone number or email address they have displayed on their profile.

 How do I schedule a doctor's appointment for medical care?

Northwestern University is an educational and research institution. The faculty of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine provide patient care through affiliated hospitals and clinics. Faculty profiles include links to the websites of the Feinberg-affiliated medical care sites where each faculty member practices. Please visit these websites for information about obtaining medical care or scheduling a doctor's appointment. Some faculty also display a clinic phone number in their contact information which can be used for patient inquiries.

For an overview of the Feinberg-affiliated medical care sites, please visit our Patient Care page.