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For Feinberg Faculty

Your faculty profile is a tool for documenting your career accomplishments and publicizing your work. The Feinberg Communications Team uses your faculty profile as the single source for all biographical and professional information about you on Feinberg websites and maintains a searchable database of faculty profiles useful to a variety of audiences.  Having an accurate and robust faculty profile helps you:

  • Stand out to prospective collaborators, mentees, and media
  • Inform donors and funding organizations about your work
  • Focus search results to the most trustworthy content (because it’s provided by you)

 How do I edit my profile?

Northwestern medical faculty can update their faculty profile any time and as often as they like using the Feinberg Faculty Portal. It is the responsibility of faculty members to add content and build a profile that reflects their contributions to Feinberg and their specialty.

 How do I update my photo?

Faculty members are encouraged, but not required, to display their photo on their profile:

  • All faculty may attend regularly scheduled photo shoots to obtain a professional headshot. The schedule is available via the Faculty Photos page.
  • Alternatively, you may send a photo to to be posted to your profile. All photos will be reviewed for:
    • Appropriateness
    • Minimum size of 160px X 240px. Photos can be bigger, but not smaller.
    • Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, pjpeg, png, gif

 Can I link to my personal website from my faculty profile?

Faculty may include links to their professional websites, if the site is approved by the Faculty Affairs Office. FAO and the Office of Communications reserve the right to remove any site that does not meet any of the following faculty site guidelines.

  1. Only sites predominantly focused on research or education topics with a direct connection to Northwestern University and/or Feinberg will be considered (not personal clinical sites, not sales sites, etc.)
  2. The site should not be primarily about selling books/videos/anything for personal gain — those types of sites can exist, they just should not have an Northwestern University and/or Feinberg connection
  3. The site can, but does not need to be, Northwestern University and/or Feinberg branded
  4. If the site includes an Northwestern University and/or Feinberg logo, it must be reviewed by Office of Communications for approval
  5. The Site will need to meet the Office of Communications general content guidelines/comply with the Feinberg patient care content directive/be clearly labeled as a lab or education site
  6. If the site includes a link for donations, the link must go to the Feinberg giving site, not directed to personal research