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Human Stem Cell Research

Research using Human Stem Cells is essential to expanding fundamental scientific knowledge of cellular and developmental human biology. Northwestern University encourages investigators to engage in responsible and ethical research requiring the use and derivation of human embryonic stem cells, human totipotent cells, human gametes, and gene editing of totipotent, gametes or zygotes, provided the cells are obtained and the research is conducted with appropriate oversight and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. As a result, Northwestern University has established a Human Stem Cell Research policy to ensure compliance within the Northwestern community. Under this policy, certain activities relating to Human Stem Cells are expressly prohibited and others require registration with and/or review by the Northwestern University Committee on Human Stem Cell Research (NUCHSR). The use of the human stem cell policy requires the review and approval and registration of the following covered cell types:

  • Human embryonic stem cells (hESC)
  • Human totipotent stem cells
  • Human gametes
  • Human zygotes
  • Human embryo ex vivo