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The Feinberg Conflict of Interest Committee


The mission of the Feinberg School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Committee (Feinberg COIC) is to review and assess potential research-related conflicts of interest and determine if an actual conflict of interest exists. The committee works to manage, minimize, or eliminate conflicts of interest that could influence the way research is conducted or affect the integrity of the Human Research Protection Program at Northwestern University.


The Feinberg COIC is comprised of 15 to 20 active Northwestern University and Feinberg faculty and staff and is chaired by the Feinberg Vice Dean for Regulatory Affairs, who is charged with identifying and approving membership. The committee reports and makes policy recommendations to the Dean of the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Vice President for Medical Affairs at Feinberg, as well as the Vice President for Research at Northwestern.


Research-related relationships are reviewed and assessed by the Feinberg COIC to determine whether an actual conflict of interest exists. If an actual conflict is found, the Feinberg COIC will work to manage, minimize, or eliminate the research-related conflict of interest by creating and approving a conflict management plan. Guidelines for the evaluation process can be found here.