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Immune Monitoring Core


To support translational mechanistic studies in human organ and tissue transplantation immunology.

About Us

Sequential monitoring of the human immune system by studying the peripheral blood and even bone marrow and allograft (biopsy) compartments in tissue and organ transplantation had its origins in the 1970s. Ex vivo assays of T, B, NK and APC function have become much more sophisticated today and include the detection and definition of unique cell subsets and intra- and extra- cellular molecules. Their defined function and inter-relationships in human organ and tissue transplantation requires the use of technology based on in vitro immune cell assays, molecular immunoassays, proteomics, genomics and even humanized mouse models, i.e. cellular and molecular immunology that is in continuous evolution. For each of these investigative paths expertise has become more specialized needing dedicated faculty, pre- and post-doctoral fellows and technologists, as well as instrumentation and dedicated work space. The assessment of these needs currently and in the next few years includes:

Specific Laboratories

Histocompatibility Research Laboratory
Dr. Anat Tambur directs a clinical laboratory that supports the clinical organ and cellular transplant programs and that is also available to support clinical research studies. The laboratory is capable of a full spectrum of transplant immunology testing, including typing, crossmatch, antibody measurement, and chimerism analysis.

Cellular Immunology Laboratories including:

  1. Donor-specific and non-specific assays for T helper and cytotoxic precursor, effector and regulatory cells, antigen presenting and hematopoietic stem cell assays

  2. Cytokine cellular and supernatant assays.

i.e. purification of immunoglobulins and other related phase reactant proteins, chemokines, etc.

Humanized mouse tolerance and allo-immune models

SELECTED Equipment Available

Starting a Project

To discuss starting a transplant project using the services of the Immune Monitoring Core of the Comprehensive Transplant Center, please contact:

Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD

James Mathew, MD

Hayden Polancich

Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD
Director, Immune Monitoring Core

Immune Monitoring Core Brochure

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