Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Radiation Oncology


Following is a list of selected publications from our faculty. For complete listings of individual faculty member's publications, see our faculty profiles.

  1. Human CD8+CD28- T Suppressor Cells Expanded by IL-15 In Vitro Suppress in an Allospecific and Programmed Cell Death Protein 1-Dependent Manner.

    Feng F, Liu Y, Liu G, Zhu P, Zhu M, Zhang H, Lu X, Liu J, Luo X, Yu Y.

    Front Immunol. 2018 Jun 22;9:1442. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01442. eCollection 2018.

  2. The Children's Oncology Group Radiation Oncology Discipline: 15 Years of Contributions to the Treatment of Childhood Cancer.

    Breneman JC, Donaldson SS, Constine L, Merchant T, Marcus K, Paulino AC, Followill D, Mahajan A, Laack N, Esiashvili N, Haas-Kogan D, Laurie F, Olch A, Ulin K, Hodgson D, Yock TI, Terezakis S, Krasin M, Panoff J, Chuba P, Hua CH, Hess CB, Houghton PJ, Wolden S, Buchsbaum J, Fitzgerald TJ, Kalapurakal JA.

    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2018 Jul 15;101(4):860-874. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2018.03.002. Epub 2018 Mar 14. Review.

  3. Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 and overall survival of patients diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

    Rosenberg AJ, Wainwright DA, Rademaker A, Galvez C, Genet M, Zhai L, Lauing KL, Mulcahy MF, Hayes JP, Odell DD, Horbinski C, Komanduri S, Tetreault MP, Kim KA, Villaflor VM.

    Oncotarget. 2018 May 4;9(34):23482-23493. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.25235. eCollection 2018 May 4.

  4. Association of Circulating Tumor Cell Status With Benefit of Radiotherapy and Survival in Early-Stage Breast Cancer.

    Goodman CR, Seagle BL, Friedl TWP, Rack B, Lato K, Fink V, Cristofanilli M, Donnelly ED, Janni W, Shahabi S, Strauss JB.

    JAMA Oncol. 2018 May 3:e180163. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.0163. [Epub ahead of print]

  5. All-Optical Electrophysiology for High-Throughput Functional Characterization of a Human iPSC-Derived Motor Neuron Model of ALS.

    Kiskinis E, Kralj JM, Zou P, Weinstein EN, Zhang H, Tsioras K, Wiskow O, Ortega JA, Eggan K, Cohen AE.

    Stem Cell Reports. 2018 Jun 5;10(6):1991-2004. doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2018.04.020. Epub 2018 May 17.

  6. 21-Gene Recurrence Score Assay Predicts Benefit of Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy in T1-2 N1 Breast Cancer.

    Goodman CR, Seagle BL, Kocherginsky M, Donnelly ED, Shahabi S, Strauss JB.

    Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Apr 23. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-3169. [Epub ahead of print]

  7. Deep Inspiration Breath Hold: Techniques and Advantages for Cardiac Sparing During Breast Cancer Irradiation.

    Bergom C, Currey A, Desai N, Tai A, Strauss JB.

    Front Oncol. 2018 Apr 4;8:87. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2018.00087. eCollection 2018. Review.

  8. PRDM4 mediates YAP-induced cell invasion by activating leukocyte-specific integrin β2 expression.

    Liu H, Dai X, Cao X, Yan H, Ji X, Zhang H, Shen S, Si Y, Zhang H, Chen J, Li L, Zhao JC, Yu J, Feng XH, Zhao B.

    EMBO Rep. 2018 Jun;19(6). pii: e45180. doi: 10.15252/embr.201745180. Epub 2018 Apr 17.

  9. Mortality After Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases and Implications for Optimal Utilization: A National Cancer Database Study.

    Rydzewski NR, Khan AJ, Strauss JB, Chmura SJ.

    Am J Clin Oncol. 2018 Apr 10. doi: 10.1097/COC.0000000000000441. [Epub ahead of print]

  10. Role of adjuvant external beam radiotherapy and chemotherapy in one versus two or more node-positive vulvar cancer: A National Cancer Database study.

    Rydzewski NR, Kanis MJ, Donnelly ED, Lurain JR, Strauss JB.

    Radiother Oncol. 2018 Apr 6. pii: S0167-8140(18)30167-1. doi: 10.1016/j.radonc.2018.03.023. [Epub ahead of print]

  11. Neurotrophins and cholinergic enzyme regulated by calpain-2: New insights into neuronal apoptosis induced by polybrominated diphenyl ether-153.

    Zhang H, Yang X, Zhang H, Li X, Zhang Z, Hou L, Wang Z, Niu Q, Wang T.

    Toxicol Lett. 2018 Jul;291:29-38. doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2018.03.033. Epub 2018 Apr 3.

  12. Timing of Radiation Therapy in Pediatric Wilms Tumor: A Report From the National Cancer Database.

    Stokes CL, Stokes WA, Kalapurakal JA, Paulino AC, Cost NG, Cost CR, Garrington TP, Greffe BS, Roach JP, Bruny JL, Liu AK.

    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2018 Jun 1;101(2):453-461. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2018.01.110. Epub 2018 Feb 6.

  13. Impact of breast MRI in women eligible for breast conservation surgery and intra-operative radiation therapy.

    Paudel N, Bethke KP, Wang LC, Strauss JB, Hayes JP, Donnelly ED.

    Surg Oncol. 2018 Mar;27(1):95-99. doi: 10.1016/j.suronc.2018.01.001. Epub 2018 Jan 8.

  14. Intracellular in situ labeling of TiO2 nanoparticles for fluorescence microscopy detection.

    Brown K, Thurn T, Xin L, Liu W, Bazak R, Chen S, Lai B, Vogt S, Jacobsen C, Paunesku T, Woloschak GE.

    Nano Res. 2018 Jan;11(1):464-476. doi: 10.1007/s12274-017-1654-8. Epub 2017 Jul 19.

  15. Evaluation, validation and refinement of noninvasive diagnostic biomarkers for endometriosis (ENDOmarker): A protocol to phenotype bio-specimens for discovery and validation.

    Barnhart K, Giudice L, Young S, Thomas T, Diamond MP, Segars J, Youssef WA, Krawetz S, Santoro N, Eisenberg E, Zhang H; NICHD Cooperative Reproductive Medicine Network.

    Contemp Clin Trials. 2018 May;68:1-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cct.2018.03.002. Epub 2018 Mar 7.

  16. Typical doses and dose rates in studies pertinent to radiation risk inference at low doses and low dose rates.

    Rühm W, Azizova T, Bouffler S, Cullings HM, Grosche B, Little MP, Shore RS, Walsh L, Woloschak GE.

    J Radiat Res. 2018 Apr 1;59(suppl_2):ii1-ii10. doi: 10.1093/jrr/rrx093.

  17. Wireless optoelectronic photometers for monitoring neuronal dynamics in the deep brain.

    Lu L, Gutruf P, Xia L, Bhatti DL, Wang X, Vazquez-Guardado A, Ning X, Shen X, Sang T, Ma R, Pakeltis G, Sobczak G, Zhang H, Seo DO, Xue M, Yin L, Chanda D, Sheng X, Bruchas MR, Rogers JA.

    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Feb 13;115(7):E1374-E1383. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1718721115. Epub 2018 Jan 29.

  18. Radiotherapy and Glioma Stem Cells: Searching for Chinks in Cellular Armor.

    Caragher SP, Sachdev S, Ahmed A.

    Curr Stem Cell Rep. 2017 Dec;3(4):348-357. doi: 10.1007/s40778-017-0102-8. Epub 2017 Oct 2.

  19. Future Directions of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy: A Brief Review.

    Paunesku T, Woloschak GE.

    Front Oncol. 2017 Dec 12;7:300. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2017.00300. eCollection 2017. Review.

  20. Development of a nomogram to predict the clinical impact of a postexcision preirradiation mammogram.

    Donnelly ED, Neuschler E, Henley C, Helenowski I, Hansen N, Khan SA, Bethke K, Gutiontov S, Nesbit E, Hayes J, Strauss JB.

    Breast J. 2018 Jul;24(4):620-623. doi: 10.1111/tbj.12974. Epub 2017 Dec 29.