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Faculty Affairs Office

420 E Superior Street, Arthur J. Rubloff Building, 12th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Fax: 312-503-7654

The Faculty Affairs Office coordinates the recruitment, appointment, and promotion process for regular faculty, research faculty, and research staff.

William L. Lowe, Jr., MDWilliam L. Lowe, Jr., MD, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Rubloff 12

Richard McGee, PhDRichard McGee, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Professional Development
Scientific Careers Research and Development Group
Rubloff 12

Linda Van Horn, PhD, RDLinda Van Horn, PhD, RD, Associate Dean for Faculty Development
680 N Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1400

Marcie B. WeissMarcie B. Weiss, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs
Rubloff 12

Christopher Chung, Director of Faculty Advancement
Rubloff 12

Jessica Thurk, Associate Director for Faculty Affairs
Rubloff 12
Contact Jessica regarding business plans, the pre-search process, faculty offers, and faculty appointments.

Ila Allen, Recruitment Coordinator
Rubloff 12
Contact Ila for Department Chairs and Center/Institute Directors recruitment.

Solange Marcelin-Roddy, Faculty Facilitator
Rubloff 12
Contact Solange about regular faculty appointments.

Erin Elmore, Program Assistant 4
Rubloff 12
Contact Erin about research faculty and research staff appointments, as well as Net ID questions and updating name, address, and demographic information.

Meg Kennedy, Administrative Assistant to Dr. William L. Lowe, Jr.
Rubloff 12