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Richard A Carroll, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of ...

... Focus of Work. Bio. Male and female sexual dysfunctions ... Erectile dysfunction ... Low sexual desire ... Sexual arousal problems ... Sexual pain ... ... - 23k

Shirley R Baron, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of ...

... As a certified sex therapist, I treat a wide range of sexual disorders, including problems with desire, arousal and orgasm, as well as pain disorders ... - 23k

Monica M Laronda, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of ... - 23k

Karen M Donahey, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of ...

... interests include working with individuals and couples experiencing problems with communication, intimacy, sexuality, sexual functioning, and ... - 23k

Serdar E Bulun, MD

... Breast Disease; Cancer Biology; Endocrinology; Infertility - Female; Sexual dysfunction; Women's Health; Women's Reproductive Health. ... - 18k

Robert E Brannigan, MD

... Gametogenesis; Infertility - Male; Men's Health; Men's Reproductive Health; Reproduction; Sexual dysfunction; Surgery; Urology. ... - 17k

Kevin E McKenna, PhD

... Interests. Description of Interests. sexual function, erection, ejaculation, orgasm, erectile dysfunction, prostate. Interests (Keywords). ... - 16k