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Xiaotian Zheng, MD, PhD

... Interests. Description of Interests. Microbiology/Virology Molecular diagnostics, mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Interests (Keywords). ... - 16k

Craig M Horbinski, MD, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School ...

... On a clinical level, I specialize in the use of molecular testing in brain tumors to improve our diagnostic and prognostic accuracy. ... - 25k

Pedram Gerami, MD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of ...

... His interests include how to utilize clinical, histologic and molecular diagnostic methods to optimize diagnostic accuracy and best predict the ... - 25k

Teepu Siddique, MD

... ALS; Dementia; Drug Discovery; Genomic Medicine/Personalized Medicine; Molecular Diagnostics; Molecular Genetics; Neuromuscular Disorders ... - 17k

Amy L Walz, MD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg School of Medicine ... - 25k

Kalliopi P Siziopikou, MD, PhD: Faculty Profile: Feinberg ...

... Focus of Work. Bio. Dr. Siziopikou's subspecialty focus is on breast tumor markers and molecular diagnostics in breast cancer. ... - 24k

Larry K Kociolek, MD, MSCI

... Bacteriology; Epidemiology; Genomics; Infectious Diseases; Microbiology; Molecular Diagnostics; Pediatrics. Research and Publications. ... - 17k

Eva Redei, PhD

... Depression; Developmental Origins of Disease; Drug Discovery; Epigenetics; Genetics; Molecular Diagnostics; Neuroscience; Post-traumatic stress ... - 16k