Judith B Wilen, PhD

Judith B Wilen, PhD

Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences



333 E. Ontario Street
Suite 1107-B
Chicago IL 60611

DrWilen( at )aol.com

Education and Certification

PhD: University of Chicago, Human Development (1986)


Description of Interests

Effective psychological treatment today requires a flexibility of approach as well as the ability to ask the right psychological questions. By engaging patients quickly and thoroughly assessing clinical needs and resources, I am able to work with the patient in order to develop the proper mix of problem-focused interventions and more traditional psychotherapy. Each patient's problems and strengths must be evaluated on an individual basis. I view psychotherapy as a collaborative proceess in which the patient(s) and I work together in order to understand how current situations and past influences impact the well-being of the patient's current life and future goals. In addition to using a flexible approach to treatment, when appropriate, I communicate clearly with other professionals involved in treating the patient, couple, or family. I work with adults as individuals, couples, or parents, and with adolescents and families. Having trained in both clinical and developmental psychology gives me a unique life-span perspective in both normal and pathological psychological processes.

Interests (Keywords)

Anxiety Disorders; Child and Adolescent psychiatry; Couples therapy; Depression; Mental Health; Mood Disorders; Psychological issues of patients dealing with medical illness; Women's Health

Institutes and Centers

Feinberg's institutes and centers facilitate collaboration on scientific problems, research, and educational initiatives. I am a member of the following institutes and centers:



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