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M. Christine Stock, MD, FCCP, FCCM

Department Chair, 2000-Present

After completing her MD degree (1981), residency (1984), and critical care fellowship (1985) at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Chris began her 15-year affiliation with Emory University in Atlanta. While assistant professor of anesthesiology at Emory from 1985-91, Dr. Stock also was Medical Director of Respiratory Care Services and Medical Co-director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Grady Memorial Hospital, a primary teaching hospital for Emory University medical students and residents. Promoted to tenured associate professor in 1991, she was named Associate Chief of Anesthesiology Services at Emory University Hospital in 1994 and Clinical Service Chief for the department in 1998.

In addition to her clinical and administrative roles at Emory, Dr. Stock was an active investigator for a decade, maintaining an independently funded laboratory. Her research focused on the development of mechanical ventilatory support techniques and the study of oxygen consumption related to changes in the work of breathing. Working with John B. Downs, MD, Chair of Anesthesiology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Dr. Stock was instrumental in the development of airway pressure release ventilation (APRV), a mode of mechanical ventilation that reduced ventilator-induced injury to lungs that were already compromised. APRV is now a mainstay of lung-protective ventilation strategies for patients with adult respiratory distress syndrome. Dr. Stock’s work on the rate at which levels of carbon dioxide rise during apnea is one of the most frequently cited references in medical malpractice cases involving alleged inadequate ventilation.

In September 2000 Dr. Stock was named Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), and Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF). She was the first woman to chair a clinical department at our institution. Dr. Stock serves as a member of the Board of Directors at NMFF and of Northwestern Memorial Foundation.  She is a member of both of these Boards’ Executive Committees, and serves on various other committees throughout our institutions.

 Dr. Stock has been a leader in several national organizations. She was president of the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors and the American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists. She is president elect of Association of Anesthesiology Program Directors, and has been a senior examiner for the American Board of Anesthesiology since 1999.

 A member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and reviewer for journals such as Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesia and Analgesia, Dr. Stock is co-editor of the Handbook of Mechanical Ventilatory Support, which is in its second edition and has been translated into three languages. She has also written chapters for several multi-authored textbooks. At home, she and her husband, Stuart, raise three children (ages 7, 10, and 12 at the time she joined Northwestern in 2000).  She enjoys writing, fitness, dance and cooking—and has been a spectator at hundreds of soccer games.

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