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The Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research welcomes membership applications from faculty who have a professional interest in conducting translational research in diabetes, support our mission and would benefit from core services. Chicago CDTR membership is also available to students, university staff members, clinical or public health practitioners, community members or other professionals with an interest in translation research to prevent and improve diabetes care and outcomes and to eliminate diabetes-related health disparities.

Non-members may utilize the center to learn about diabetes translation research, network and engage with others in new forms of collaboration and research.

Apply for Membership

About Membership


As a Chicago CDTR member, you will gain the following:

Support from national experts in the field of diabetes translation

Access to resources and funding opportunities

  • Apply for pilot and feasibility funding.
  • Join the center’s enrichment activities including our biweekly seminar series, annual large group events, manuscript development events, proposal workshops and other informational webinars and speaker events.

 Professional connections

  • Extend professional contacts with investigators from a diversity of fields through the center’s regional and national partners.
  • Share and receive news about member activities, upcoming events and funding opportunities.


Center members must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Faculty members at or affiliated with the University of Chicago, Northwestern University or another collaborating Chicagoland academic institution conducting diabetes-related translation research
  • Current recipients of pilot and feasibility awards who are not full faculty members
  • Faculty members conducting research in other areas relevant to the mission of the center including:

    • Research targeting other areas of chronic disease prevention and management
    • Behavioral research in obesity, physical activity or disease self-management
    • Research on addressing social and structural determinants of health
    • Advancement of research methods and frameworks in relevant areas, such as: implementation science, econometrics, predictive modeling, pragmatic trials, community engagement and achieving health equity.
  • Students, university staff members, clinical or public health practitioners, community members or other professionals with an interest in diabetes translation research


Chicago CDTR members are expected to:

  • Participate regularly in center-sponsored activities.
  • Periodically review pilot and feasibility applications for projects that align with their expertise.
  • Acknowledge support of the Chicago CDTR in publications and presentations involving work that benefited from the center’s resources.
  • Comply with NIH Public Access policy when work has benefited from center resources.
  • Assist the administrative core by responding to brief requests for feedback or outputs annually or following use of specific core services.

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