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The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program is an accredited, graduate-level program awarding a Master of Medical Science degree. The Program features an innovative 24 month curriculum. Our mission is to prepare PAs to provide compassionate, high-quality, patient-centered care as members of interprofessional teams. The graduates will be culturally sensitive, committed to continuous learning and professional development, and make significant contributions to communities and the advancement of the PA profession.

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View impressions, advice and perspectives shared by current students and alumni.


NUPA was my first choice for so many reasons. The PBL curriculum truly stood out, and as someone who enjoys discussing through topics with others, I was sure it was how I wanted to learn during didactic year. Being at an academic medical center in the heart of a city was also important to me. I appreciate that we get the opportunity to learn and practice alongside the very population I hope to serve, as well as be taught by professionals you could have the chance to work alongside in the future."

Priya Khosa (she/her)
First-Year Student, Class of 2025


PBL makes you think like a practicing clinician and also teaches you how to provide quality care to patients and develop a unique plan based on their needs, past, and social history. It is amazing to be able to go from a chief complaint to asking relevant questions in order to make a plan to examine the patient appropriately and finally using this information to order the proper labs and imaging tests needed."

Lisa Namatame (she/her)
First-Year Student, Class of 2025


I was drawn to the Northwestern PA program for several reasons, a major one being its emphasis on training PAs who will provide high quality patient-centered care to diverse patient populations, which aligns with my goals as a future clinician. I wanted to attend a program where I would be challenged to understand not only the physiological aspects of medicine, but also the social determinants of health, and how they impact the lives of each patient both inside and outside of the clinic."

Jason Duncan (he/him)
First-Year Student, Class of 2025


By the end of each Problem-Based Learning (PBL) week, I am extremely surprised at how much I have learned and how tangible the information is to grasp. I am able to apply the clinical knowledge instead of just reading about it."

Dalal El-Barbarawi (she/her)
Second-Year Student, Class of 2024


I love that the program has Medical Spanish in their curriculum. As a Spanish-speaking Hispanic, I feel it is important to increase the number of Spanish-speaking providers in order to bridge the language barrier gap in my community. Northwestern shares that same value."

Haydee Ramirez (she/her)
Second-Year Student, Class of 2024


I love seeing our mission statement followed through in actions like the Education Centered Medical Home (ECMH) and the Behavioral and Preventive Medicine course. I feel that Northwestern is devoted to creating healthcare providers who can unlearn their own biases and do more in the communities they practice in, and I wanted to be part of it!"

Amaya Farrell (she/they)
Second-Year Student, Class of 2024

A Day in the Life of Lizzie Van Doorn

Follow Class of 2022 alumna Lizzie Van Doorn, MMS, PA-C, throughout her day as a cardiac surgery PA at Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, where she assists her team during complex surgeries and provides excellent care to her patients.

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PA Program Goals

We're working hard to be the national leader in PA education and to prepare physician assistants of the highest quality. Take a look at our program's main goals and what we're doing to achieve them.

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PANCE Results

See the latest report on the PANCE pass rates for first-time test takers in our graduating classes. Our average first-time test-taker pass rate over the most recent 5 year period is 98%.

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The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program was reaccredited in March 2023.

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