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CCH's mission is to catalyze and support meaningful community and academic engagement across the research spectrum to improve health and health equity. Taking the research out of the academic environment requires that investigators connect to those community-based experts who understand the health challenges and goals of the community, and can engage and mobilize those populations.  This partnership is what makes community-based research so effective, but breaks from the traditional biomedical research model.

We offer a new vision for engaging communities and other stakeholders that will enable Feinberg to emerge rapidly as a national epicenter for research that improves the health and healthcare of Chicago and beyond. We facilitate community and population health research through:

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750 N. Lake Shore Drive
Rubloff Suite 680
Chicago, IL 60611

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Ronald T Ackermann, MD/MPH

Dr. Ackermann

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Jillian Guetzov

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Founded: 2012

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