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Healthcare Policy and Implementation

Healthcare Policy and Implementation

The Healthcare Policy and Implementation research agenda provides rigorous evaluations of health care policies and programs.

The Healthcare Policy and Implementation research agenda was established in 2011 with a mission to provide rigorous examinations of today’s most critical health care policy issues. Our research studies are designed to provide actionable, practical advice to policy makers and other key stakeholders.  We also aim to educate the public on pressing health care issues.  Our faculty includes health policy and health services researchers, economists, and clinicians.

The agenda also collaborates with the Center’s graduate programs by providing health policy training to master’s, doctoral, and post-doc students.  This training is designed to improve students’ knowledge of current health policy issues, introduce students to the policy making process and the roles of various policy actors, and prepare students to participate in the policy process. 

The agenda's research portfolio is focused on three areas: evaluation of health care programs and policies, including the Affordable Care Act; examination of the link between research and health care policy making; and advancement of large employers’ role in value-based purchasing and community health.

Examples of Our Recent Work

Evaluation of health care programs and policies:

The link between research and policy making:

Large employers’ role in health care and community health:

Megan McHugh, PhD