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Northwestern University Transplant Outcomes Research Collaboration (NUTORC)

NUTORC’s mission is to create high impact, innovative transdisciplinary research at the intersection of seemingly disparate disciplines at Northwestern University, focusing on health services and outcomes research in transplantation. Through expansion of health services and outcomes research beyond secondary data analysis, NUTORC has introduced leading national research expertise to the field of transplantation, allowing for academic excellence and advancement of knowledge.

NUTORC builds upon the existing strengths of the transplant program at Northwestern and creates inter-school, multi-departmental, and trans-disciplinary collaborative initiatives around identified needs of information in transplantation. We bring together clinicians, health services and outcomes researchers, and investigators with specific knowledge and expertise in state-of-the art research methodologies to address topical areas. Through these collaborative initiatives, investigators with disparate backgrounds perform health services and outcomes research at the intersection of knowledge between otherwise seemingly unrelated disciplines, and thereby achieves high impact innovation. 

The Northwestern University Transplant Outcomes Research Collaborative (NUTORC) is an inter-school, multi-departmental and transdisciplinary team of investigators that includes collaborators from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, McCormick School of Engineering, Kellogg School of Management, the Center for Healthcare Studies, and the Department of Medical Social Sciences. Additionally, NUTORC has partnered with experts from Brandeis University and University of Chicago.

Teams typically include clinicians (who help formulate the particular need), health services and outcomes researchers (who frame the need for information in the context of the potential impact on outcomes), and investigators with specific knowledge and expertise in state-of-the-art research methodologies (who formulate the experimental design/approach necessary to assess/address the substance of the information/data). In this fashion we have focused examples of co-founded investigations include Patient Safety, Medication Adherence, Disparity (Hispanic) and Organ Allocation in Transplant.

Daniela P Ladner, MD/MPH

Daniela P Ladner, MD/MPH
Director, NU Transplant Outcomes Research Collaborative (NUTORC)

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