Generous Feinberg Supporters Honored at Annual Commitment to Scholarships Luncheon

Medical student scholars express their gratitude at the 2017 Commitment to Scholarships Luncheon.

Nearly 200 generous alumni, faculty, and friends of the medical school joined student scholars of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on Saturday, April 29, to commemorate a banner year of support for scholarships and for Feinberg medical students.

“We are humbled to thank and honor so many donors—living and deceased—who believe in medical education and who have committed funds to help our students to pursue their studies and become the next generation of Northwestern-trained physicians,” said Diane Wayne, ’91 MD. Dr. Wayne is the vice dean for Education, chair of the Department of Medical Education, and the Dr. John Sherman Appleman Professor of Medicine, and served as the luncheon’s emcee. She also is a supporter of the Lynda Singshinsuk Class of 1991 Scholarship.

Dr. Diane Wayne

To kick off the program, Dr. Wayne introduced Andrew Bunta, ’67 MD, ’74 GME, associate professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Feinberg and past president of the Medical Alumni Association, who had a special announcement to share.

Dr. Bunta spoke on behalf of his classmates, who celebrated the full endowment of their named class scholarship on the occasion of their 50th reunion celebration this year. The class elected to name the Class of 1967 Scholarship in recognition of Lewis Landsberg, MD, the Irving S. Cutter Professor of Medicine Emeritus and former dean of Feinberg, and his myriad, notable accomplishments.

In Dr. Bunta’s words: “We want to ensure the lasting legacy of both the class and Dr. Landsberg. We’re celebrating scholarship, which literally means gaining knowledge. That is the raison d'etre of this entire institution.”

“Our class joins 12 others who have already formed endowed scholarship funds,” Dr. Bunta continued. “We all know the eye-opening benefits and lifetime achievement that a Northwestern education can provide. Regardless of our situation and where we find ourselves, let us not forget the University mantra to take a Northwestern direction.”

Dr. Bunta also recognized Katherine Kurtz and Virginia “Ginny” Darakjian, former heads of Development and Alumni Relations at Feinberg, respectively, for the critical roles they played in prioritizing and increasing funds for medical school scholarships at Northwestern. Both Ms. Kurtz and Ms. Darakjian, who retired in 2012 and 2013 respectively, support Feinberg scholarships that have been named in their honor.

A tuition-free medical school at Northwestern would require an $800 million endowment for scholarships. Today, the Feinberg scholarship endowment stands at an approximate value of $160 million thanks to the thousands of generous supporters who give to this priority area of need.

Mary Ann and William Frable: Pioneers in Scholarship Support

At the luncheon, alumni Mary Ann Frable, ’59 MD, ’64 GME, and William “Jack” J. Frable, ’59 MD, ’64 GME, were honored for their years of support for Feinberg scholarships.

“Today, we celebrate nearly 20 years of support since the Frables’ first gift toward merit-based medical school scholarships,” said Dr. Wayne. “They were truly pioneers and continue to be inspirational leaders to classmates and other alumni throughout the decades.”

(l to r) Dr. Mary Ann Frable, former Frable scholar Dr. Eleanor Ross, Dr. William "Jack" Frable,  former Frable scholar Dr. Emily Todd, and current Frable Scholar Adam Morgenlander.

Former Frable Scholars Drs. Emily Todd and Eleanor Ross, as well as current Frable Scholar Adam Morgenlander, who is a member of the Class of 2019, were in attendance to congratulate the Frables on their longstanding commitment and generosity.

“We are looking forward to following the Frable Scholars and seeing the great things they do,” shared Dr. Mary Ann Frable. “We hope that other people will get the idea!”

“$800 million is big, but it’s in sight,” said Dr. Jack Frable. “We just have to put our minds to getting there—let’s just do it!”

Gratitude from Student Scholars

Sara Hockney, who is the J. Howard Young Scholar, and Stewart Pine, the Class of 1971 Scholar, shared gratitude on behalf of their classmates for the opportunity to study at Feinberg. Both are first-year medical students in the Class of 2020.

Dr. Steven A. and Mrs. Elaine K. Azuma and their scholar, Gabriella Rader, Class of 2020.

“In telling my own story today, I hope to demonstrate to you all that your decision to invest in our dreams has had, and will continue to have, an enormous return for each and every one of us, regardless of the path that lead us here,” said Ms. Hockney. “Without your generosity, I would not be here today with this amazing opportunity to pursue my dreams, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

“Thank you for giving us all a chance,” said Mr. Pine. “Your generosity sets an important precedent of support for aspiring physicians, one that we will surely uphold when one day we are sitting in this crowd. We will absolutely do our best to make you proud,” he said.

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“Your generosity sets an important precedent of support for aspiring physicians, one that we will surely uphold when one day we are sitting in this crowd. We will absolutely do our best to make you proud.”

- Stewart Pine, Class of 2020