Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education

Feinberg School of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Leadership

John X. Thomas PhD, Marianne Green MD, Sandra Sanguino MD, MPH Patricia Garcia MD, MPH, John Franklin MD, MSc, MA

The Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education (AWOME) is charged with supporting students and faculty of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Specifically, we support the academic, personal, and professional development of Feinberg medical students. Our faculty and staff provide guidance for achieving academic excellence and career development opportunities for medical student research programs, and serve as the liaison for a wide range of student support services, such as financial aid and student health services. For the centrally managed components of the curriculum, we provide logistical assistance to students and faculty, educational materials, and identification of resources for faculty development. We also support a wide range of extra-curricular programs and events to enhance the educational goals of our students. We strive to provide an open, caring, and inviting environment where every medical student and faculty member is always welcome.

We are part of the Department of Medical Education, the department that centralizes much of the educational programming, innovation, and scholarship at Feinberg and its affiliated institutions.

Marianne Green MD was born in Germany and is the Senior Associate Dean of Medical Education, and Associate Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics). Dr. Green has an active practice as a general internist and enjoys the continuity with patients she has been seeing for almost 20 years.  Dr. Green has three terrific daughters who are the joy of her life.  Dr. Green also loves to read and bike when she has free time.

John X. Thomas Jr., PhD is Professor of Physiology and Medical Education. He has taught cardiovascular and renal physiology and pathophysiology to the medical students. In Dr. Thomas's free time he enjoys golf, boating & fishing, cooking, photography, and Alabama Football!

Sandra Sanguino MD/MPH was born and raised in the Midwest. Dr. Sanguino's parents are from Colombia and she still has lots of extended family there. She is a general pediatrician and sees patients with pediatric residents in their primary care clinic. Her husband is a general pediatrician in private practice and they have two wonderful daughters  (ages 9 and 11).  In Dr. Sanguino's free time she attends lots of kid sporting events and dance recitals.

Patricia Garcia MD/MPH is a professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Education. When not delivering babies, she is privileged to direct the curriculum for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Dr. Garcia is a mother of two wonderful children (Max and Olivia) and shares her “empty nest” with her wife, Julie, also an ObGyn. Dr. Garcia is an avid Cubs fan, woodworker and loves to cook.

John Franklin MD/MSc/MA hails, originally, from the Motor City, Detroit. For Dr. Franklin, it has been a pleasure to be part of the Feinberg community for the past 23 years. Dr. Franklin is a professor of psychiatry and has secondary appointments in Surgery and Medical Humanities and Bioethics. Dr. Frankling has learned tons over the years from students, residents, patients and colleagues. Some of his biggest accomplishments in life have been having his wife stay with him for 25 years and raising three wonderful children.

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