MD Admissions Process

The Committee on Admissions looks for evidence of emotional maturity, motivation, achievement, character, and academic excellence. A premium is placed on the breadth, depth and rigor of the academic program, life experiences, and clinical and research exposure. Applicants should be liberally educated men and women who have studied in some depth subjects beyond the conventionally required premedical courses.

The medical school maintains the richest possible educational environment through the enrollment of a diverse student body, one that represents applicants from underrepresented populations, applicants with work experience, and applicants from the smallest to the largest of our nation's colleges and universities. The Feinberg School of Medicine attracts students from all areas of the United States and from around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

White Coat Ceremony
Diversity Commitment

2015-2016 Admissions Deadlines

September 2015 
MCAT Latest Score Accepted

October 15, 2015 
AMCAS Application

November 15, 2015 
Supplemental Application

November 15, 2015 
Letters of Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

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