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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Sponsored Project And Research Catalysts (SPARCs)


Sponsored Project And Research Catalysts (SPARCs), embedded in departments, institutes, and programs, provide research administration support across the Feinberg School of Medicine. Leadership from each SPARC meets regularly to leverage collective expertise to improve the quality, efficiency, and capacity of support to Feinberg investigators.

As Feinberg's research enterprise grows, it's critical to connect our growing network of research administrators through a more central resource to equip them with the best practices, tools and resources necessary to efficiently address grant support for our scientists.

Formerly known as “Research Administration Services,” “SPARC Central” convenes the NUFSM Research Administration Leadership (FSM RAL) group, leads strategic initiatives on behalf of Feinberg research administration, and fosters a culture of collaboration and coordination across SPARCs.

Contact Us

Contact Bethany Ekesa for more information on how the SPARC Central Team can support your research project.

Bethany Ekesa
Associate Director of Research Administration