Clinical Trials

Researchers at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute’s Clinical Trials Unit of Northwestern conduct clinical research trials on all aspects of heart and vascular disease. The following centers within the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute are currently conducting clinical research and recruiting volunteers. Use the links below to see the current trials within these areas.

Participant Information

Find information on participating in the research done through the BCVI CTU via our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Posting Clinical Trials

Having your trial information on the BCVI CTU website can assist you with attracting participants. Research professionals interested in including your study information on our site should IRB approved and written for the consumer (at a 6th to 8th grade reading level).

Information Template

Submit the IRB-approved research trial information electronically in the following format template to Anna Huskin, RN (an additional copy of the IRB approval must be faxed to Anna’s attention at 312-695-6854).

As research trial information is submitted for posting, the most recently submitted trial will appear at the top of the posted list. Quarterly reminders will be sent to the trial contact to determine if the information should remain posted.

Contact Us

For more information about our clinical trials, please contact Anna Huskin, RN, at 312-695-4067.

Clinical research trials search for new and better ways to understand and treat disease.