Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Research Administration Services Team

Eric Boberg, PhD, Executive Director for Research
e-boberg( at )

Cyndie Shannon-Hutchison, Associate Director of Research Administration
cynthia.shannon-hutchison( at )

Brent Bell, Assistant Director of Research Administration
brent.bell( at )

Amy Hinze-Pifer, Research Administration Manager
ahp( at )

Ela Klapczynska, Senior Research Administrator
ela.klapczynska( at )

Cristina Goldsmith, Research Administrator
cristina.goldsmith( at )

John Maurer, Research Administrator
johnmaurer( at )

Eneke Mwakasisi, Research Administrator
eneke.mwakasisi( at )

NinaMari Pourahmadi, Research Administrator
nina.pourahmadi( at )

Darlene Ratliff, Associate Research Administrator
ratliff( at )

Brian Winchel , Financial Administrator 2
brian.winchel( at )

Elizabeth Lozano, Financial Administrator
e-lozano( at )

Alexandra O'Donnell, Financial Assistant
alexandra.odonnell( at )