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Feinberg School of Medicine is committed to fostering and sustaining an environment that facilitates the highest quality scholarly work. Throughout its history, the medical school has focused on the importance of discovery in both biomedical and clinical research and has stressed the need for continued exploration. We believe that an essential component of any students’ educational experience in medicine should include research. To that end, we offer the Research Thesis Program (RTP).

The RTP provides a unique research experience to those not pursing a PhD or MPH degree. Students participating in this opportunity will develop investigatory skills that will serve them throughout their future careers. By promoting the development of critical thinking, the RTP enhances life-long learning skills essential for the practice of medicine and reinforces the principles of evidence-based medicine. Working directly with a faculty mentor, RTP students are able to develop a close working relationship outside of the classroom.

Program Structure

Eligible students will develop the discipline to perform research using the scientific method, as well as become familiar with the challenges and obstacles to performing good research. Students may perform in-depth investigations in either the basic, clinical or social sciences or ethics. The student will design an original research study, including the development of a testable hypothesis, critically review related literature, collect, evaluate and analyze data, write a scientific thesis and publicly present results and conclusions. Students opting to participate in the RTP are eligible to graduate with distinction in research upon successful completion of the program, successful fulfillment of all other medical school requirements, and approval by an RTP advisory committee. In general, students who have successfully completed the RTP will either:

  1. co-author a paper or
  2. have an abstract submitted and/or presented at a national research meeting.

Students will also be expected to present their research at a research forum at Feinberg School of Medicine.

Research may be conducted during evenings, weekends or unscheduled time during the first and second years of medical school, as well as full-time during the summer between the first and second years. Students will also perform a 3-month consecutive research rotation during the elective time offered in the M4 year.

Students will also attend and present (once) at a monthly Research Thesis Program monthly seminar.

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