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Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute - Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) of Northwestern

As an academic medical center, we are dedicated to advancing clinical care of cardiovascular patients through research. We are able to accomplish this by conducting clinical trials that offer a wide range of cardiovascular treatments.

About the Center

The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute's (BCVI) Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) of Northwestern was established in 2005 to provide the infrastructure necessary to assist investigators in performing high quality cardiovascular clinical research.  Our investigators are also practicing physicians who see the results firsthand of these innovative treatments for their patients.

The CTU is committed to providing a full range of research services to facilitate the development, implementation, and successful completion of clinical trials.  The CTU ensures compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations, policies, and procedures to protect the interests of patients and the university.  We believe this dedicated endeavor will enhance Northwestern's status and become an internationally recognized clinical research center, known for its excellence in clinical research management by the pharmaceutical industry, the National Institutes of Health, and other academic medical centers.


Message from the Co-Medical Directors of the Clinical Trials Unit Patrick M. McCarthy, MD and Charles J. Davidson, MD

The mission of the CTU is to facilitate innovative clinical research with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge, the prevention of disease and improving healthcare for all patients.  We strongly believe that research should focus on advancing the practice of medicine and improving the quality of patient care.

Current Research 

Coronary Disease

Heart Failure

Heart Rhythm Disorder

Heart Valve Disease

Preventive Cardiology

Vascular Disease

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Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute - Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)
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