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Comprehensive Transplant Center

Education Core


The goal of the Comprehensive Transplant Center's Education Core is to provide the tools, experiences, expertise, and infrastructure to teach and expand on a high level of knowledge in clinical, surgical, and technical practices based on a fully-encompassing scope of issues pertaining to kidney, liver, pancreas, islet, small bowel, and multiorgan, deceased and living donor, organ transplantation.



Research Internships

Medical students interested in participating in clinical, outcomes, or basic science research under the mentorship of our transplant faculty and scientists.

Starting a Project

To discuss utilizing transplant specific services of the Education Core of the Comprehensive Transplant Center, please contact:

Katie Crylen

Jonathan Fryer, MD

Jonathan Fryer, MD
Director, Education Core

Education Core Brochure

To read additional information about this core download the brochure.