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Comprehensive Transplant Center

Surgery Scientist Fellows

Meet the current and past fellows of our TSSTP:

Current Fellows

Jessica Heinrichs Voss, PhD

7/1/2017 - 6/31/2019

Basic Science

Personalized Tolerance: Alloantigen Specific T Regulatory Cell therapy Following Organ Transplantation

Nikhilesh Mazumder, MD, MPH

1/1/2018 - 12/31/2019


Demonstrating pathways to Value-Based Care for patients with liver cirrhosis from waitlisting to liver transplantation (Phase II)

Frances Tangherlini Lee, MD

7/1/2017 - 6/31/2019

Basic Science

Tolerance for Xenogeneic Islet Cell Transplantation

Former T32 Fellows

Kofi Atiemo, MS, MD (Outcomes): "Factors associated with increased mortality among patients with Cirrhosis and a low MELD"

Jessica Hoch Brown, PhD (Basic Science): "Development and Evaluation of a Synthetic 3D Scaffold for Production of Functional iPSC-derived Hepatocytes"

Stephen Chiu, MD (Basic Science): "Defining mechanisms of neutrophil infiltration in allografts following lung transplantation and downstream effects"

Josetta Houlihan, PhD (Basic Science): "Role of CD8+CD25+ FoxP3+ T cells in transplant rejection tolerance"

Colleen Jay, MD (Outcomes): "Outcomes research; cost-effectiveness deceased brain death versus deceased cardiac death donor organs in transplantation"

Nadine Lerret, PhD (Basic Science): "Multi-facet CD8 T cells in transplant rejection and tolerance"

Aaron Martin, PhD (Basic Science): "Molecular aspects of tolerance induction in the regulation of relapsing EAE"

Derrick McCarthy, PhD (Basic Science): "Role of CD40/CD40L interactions in peripheral tolerance induction"
Lisa McElroy, MD (Outcomes): "System and process vulnerabilities in the handoff of liver transplant patients"

Neehar Parikh, MD (Outcomes): "Quality of life in liver transplant recipients"

Ramiro Fernandez, MD (Basic Science): "Tissue-restricted autoimmunity leads to lung allograft rejection"

Bara Sarraj, PhD (Basic Science): "Requirement for CD44 and L-selectin for the development of autoimmunity and proteoglycan-induced arthritis in BALB/c mice"

JP Savaryn, PhD (Basic Science): "Top-down proteomics"

Marina Serper, MD (Outcomes): "Medication regimen adherence in transplant"

To guide the success of the program an Executive Committee has been comprised of the following faculty:

Michael Abecassis, MD, MBA
Jane Holl, MD, MPH
Daniela Ladner, MD, MPH
Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD
Mark Eskandari, MD
Stephen Miller, PhD
John Pandolfino, MD
Susan Quaggin, MD
Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD

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