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Read the latest news from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center. The links below take you to articles where you can learn more about our faculty’s latest achievements, awards, and honors.


  • Chicago-Area Sisters Spark Kidney Transplant Chain Reaction
    Chicago-Area Sisters Spark Kidney Donation Chain.  To watch the story, click here.
  • Chicagoan delivers donated organs to Northwestern
    Chicagoan pulled over to check out an accident scene and ended up delivering donated organs to Northwestern.  Click here to read more.
  • Dr. Simpson featured in The Chicago Tribune
    Chicago has one female, African-American organ transplant surgeon. She fights disease — and distrust of doctors.  Click here to read the article on Dinee Simpson, MD.
  • Dr. Wertheim featured in Crain's Chicago Business
    Dr. Wertheim featured in Crain's Chicago Business.  Click here to read the article.
  • Dr. Simpson featured discussing African American Outreach
    Dr. Simpson featured discussing African American Outreach, click here to view story.
  • 12.03.2018
    To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the liver transplant program, the 5,000th kidney transplant and the 2,000th liver transplant performed at Northwestern Medicine, Secretary of State Jesse White presented Dr. Michael Abecassis and the Transplant Team a proclamation by the City of Chicago signed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a resolution signed by Jesse White.
  • Congratulations Dr. Ladner!
    Congratulations Daniela Ladner, MD on the one-year Tier III award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (via Trailhead Institute).
  • Congratulations Dr. Zhang!
    Congratulations Dr. Jenny Zhang on your the subcontract award totaling $49,592 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (via Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc.) for your research project in the Microsurgery Core.
  • Dr. Tambur received two research awards!
    Dr. Anat Tambur received two multi-year awards totaling $400,000 from the Paul Terasaki Research Foundation (via Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program) for projects in the HLA lab.  Congratulations!
  • Congratulations Dr. Christopher!
    Congratulations Derrick Christopher, MD MPH on your new role as Associate Program Director of Evaluation in the General Surgery Residency Program.
  • Dr. Wertheim receives DOD award
    Dr. Wertheim received a DOD award from the U.S. Medical Research Acquisition Activity for his project entitled “Uncovering the circulating factor in FSGS” for a total $316,000 for two years.
  • Dr. Wertheim receives NIH R01 award
    Dr. Wertheim received a NIH R01 award from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases for his project entitled, “Repairing the Kidney Endothelium via Targeted Extracellular Matrix Modifiers” for a total of $1,580,000 for five years.
  • Dr. Kulik to be Keynote Speaker at DDW 2019
    Laura Kulik, MD, will be the Keynote Speaker for Digestive Disease Week 2019 taking place in San Diego happening May 18-21, 2019.  Congratulations on this honor Dr. Kulik!  Click here for details on DDW.
  • 07.26.2018
    Congratulations Dr. Wertheim on being named Associate Director for MSTP Admissions.  To read more on the MSTP program please click here.
  • 25th Anniversary of First Liver Transplant

    NMH Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Liver Transplant

    Although Northwestern Memorial Hospital conducted its first kidney transplant in 1964, it did not expand its services to include pancreas and liver transplantation until 1993. While much has changed since those early days of organ transplantation, The Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Transplant Center continues to be a leader in research and innovation.

    The growth of transplantation in the last 25 years is staggering. The Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Transplant Center has completed nearly 2,000 liver transplants and 5,000 kidney transplants since the program began.

    Today, 120,000 people suffer from organ failure and are on the national waiting list for organs. Nearly 99,000 are waiting for kidneys and roughly 16,000 are waiting for livers. To learn more about the needs and how you can make a difference, visit

  • Congratulations Dr. Abecassis
    2018 Tripartite Legacy Faculty Prize in Translational Science and Education has been awarded to Michael Abecassis, MD, MBA, the James Roscoe Miller Distinguished Professor of Medicine and founding director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center.  For full story and video click here.
  • Transplant Surgery Fellowship Director Changes
    Congratulations Nitin Katariya, MD on your new role as Transplant Surgery Fellowship Program Director. Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD will continue his involvement as the Assistant Program Director for the fellowship.
  • Congratulations Dr. Leventhal
    Congratulations Dr. Leventhal for your recent research award from U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command for the study,  "T Cell Receptor Repertoire Analysis as a Biomarker for Predicting Graft Rejection in Transplant Recipients".
  • Congratulations Dr. Wertheim
    Congratulations on your named professorship Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD, Edward G. Elcock Professor of Surgical Research.
  • Matches Made in Heaven: 8 patients involved in kidney swap meet
    NBC Nightly News covers the story of 8 patients meeting their kidney donors for the first time post-surgery
  • Pen pals of 47 years share incredible bond, bolstered by kidney donation

    Pen pals of 47 years share incredible bond, bolstered by kidney donation.  Click here for full story.

  • Congratulations Dr. Wertheim!
    Congratulations Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD on receiving the 2017 AST Basic Science Career Development Award!
  • VA surgeon researching cell-based tools to create artificial kidney
    Dr. Jason Wertheim, surgeon and biomedical engineer at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center is part of a project called (Re)Building a Kidney (RBK), a consortium led by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) at the National Institutes of Health. The consortium, which includes about 25 biologists and engineers from around the country, is trying to develop tools that will facilitate development of an artificial kidney in the future.  To read more please click here also check out the VA Facebook page.
  • Chicago Police Officer in need of Liver

    Dr. Flamm recently featured in a news story regarding a Chicago Police Officer's need for liver transplant.  Click here to watch.

  • Dr. Abecassis discusses increase in organ transplants

    Dr. Abecassis discusses increase in organ transplants due to recent change in donation age and living donor programs on FOX 32 Morning News. Click here to watch interview. 

  • Congratulations Drs. Leventhal and Mathew
    Congratulations to Drs. Leventhal and Mathew who were awarded a $300,000 Falk Catalyst Award for their project "Clinical Transplant Tolerance Induction by the Use of Ex Vivo Expanded Antigen Specific Regulatory T Cells" . The Catalyst Awards provide an opportunity to conduct preliminary work on high-risk, high-reward research addressing a wide variety of clinical disease areas.
  • Dr. Wertheim receives funding award

    Dr. Jason Wertheim’s application for a VA Merit Review Award, Extracellular Matrix Induction of Renal Stem and Progenitor Cell Development, was selected for funding by the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center.

  • Congratulations to Drs. Juan Carlos Caicedo and Elisa Gordon
    Congratulations to Drs. Juan Carlos Caicedo and Elisa Gordon on receiving the 31st Annual Gift of Life Award by the National Kidney Foundation for  Their contributions to the this culturally sensitive website which educates thousands of people in the Latino community on the benefits and risks of living donation was recognized at the Gift of Life Gala on November 12.
  • Congratulations Teaching Award Recipients
    Teaching awards recognize faculty members who excel at supporting resident and medical student learning. We are grateful for their efforts in distinguishing themselves as outstanding educators. The 2015‐2016 Excellence in Teaching award recipients in the Department of Surgery are:  Jon Fryer, MD, MPHE & Felicitas Koller, MD.  The Department of Medicine 2016 John X. Thomas, Jr., PhD, Best Teachers of Feinberg Award Recipient includes Bing Ho, MD, MPH.