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Comprehensive Transplant Center

Northwestern ASTS/AST Increased Risk Consensus Conference

Funds were provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to conduct a consensus conference. The goals of this conference were:

To achieve the consensus of the transplant community, we conducted a thorough review of the current research findings and evidence base to support our community standard and identified gaps in our knowledge to facilitate the development of a rational research agenda or strategy to address these gaps. As you may be aware, the Public Health Service Guideline for Reducing Transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B Virus, and Hepatitis C Virus through Solid Organ Transplantation has been published in draft form, and is currently being revised. This consensus conference was not meant to replace the Guideline finalization process, but was intended to be a complementary activity. To achieve this goal, groups of individuals were invited to participate on a working group to address one of the four specific aims listed above. Each work group conducted a series of conference calls to review the available research that informed our recommendations. The group met in Chicago on Friday April 27, 2012 in person. During this meeting, the leaders of each work group presented their findings and their work group’s recommendations for the consensus approach to each of the four aims and highlight the gaps in knowledge. The majority of the day was spent by all attendees of the meeting discussing the key findings and recommendations. Once agreement was made, the findings of the work groups and the consensus of the meeting were published.

Conference Leadership

Conference PI
MIchael G. Ison, MD, MS
Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases and Organ Transplantation
Northwestern University Comprehensive Transplant Center

Work Groups