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Feinberg Service Excellence Recognition

Feinberg Dean's Administration and the Feinberg Staff Engagement Committee recognize the critical importance of our more than 2,000 staff members in support of our mission to educate and train exceptional physicians and scientists, to discover leading-edge cures that improve human health, and to deliver world-class patient care. 

To recognize these extraordinary contributions, we have launched a new Feinberg Service Excellence Recognition program to honor staff who have gone above and beyond, who have helped solve complex and diverse institutional challenges, and whose leadership and dedication are deserving of praise. 

We invite members of the Feinberg community to recognize staff colleagues who model service excellence by completing the nomination form.


Access the nomination form here (via RedCap). 

As a reminder, the nomination is sent to the manager for review immediately upon submission (this is automated). Nominations are then processed on a monthly basis.


Spring 2021 Service Excellence Awards 

We are pleased to recognize the following staff members for their outstanding contributions: 


Sarah Al-Sharif

Patricia Bustamante

Jenna Chynoweth

Daniel Cronin

Cindy Cruz

Elyse Daly

Bethany Ekesa

Michelle Fu

Lynne Goodreau

Curtis Hanawalt

Toddie Hays

Molly Jones

Susan Kaiser

Lauren Kapinski

Mark Kim

Brianna Kuramitsu 

Nicola Lancki

Melanie Mkrdichian

Edwin Morales

Ania Nassiri

Nicole Ouellette

Leela Rao

Michaela Riley

Sam Ritchey

Todd Shamaly

Callen Spencer

Kathryn Swary

Emily Traw

Lauren Walker

Elena Zvirbulis