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Manager Mentor Program

Feinberg's Manager Mentor Program (MMP) is designed to support and develop managers of all levels at Feinberg by leveraging institutional resources and peer-to-peer knowledge. Throughout the academic year, this program provides opportunities for new and aspiring managers to engage with experienced managers. Participants are encouraged to be vocal and proactive about their experience; mentees are expected to drive meetings, set objectives and establish tracking goals with the support of their matched mentors. Mentors must have a willingness to invest time and energy in the relationship and are expected to offer guidance on career goals and development, provide open and honest feedback, and share experience with their matched mentee. Participants will determine a mutually agreed upon schedule and frequency for meetings between formal sessions. Formal sessions will include quarterly "lunch and learn" programs that focus on mentoring and manager resources.

2021-2022 Program

Applications for the 2021-2022 program are closed. The theme for this year's cohort is emotional intelligence and wellness. 

We will begin accepting applications for the 2022-2023 program in the summer of 2022

Mentor Resources & Expectations

To be a mentor, individuals must have at least one direct report, be in good standing with the University with a performance rating of achieving or higher, serve in an EXS 6 level or higher, and have more than one year of experience as a Northwestern employee with two or more years experience in your field.

Mentors are expected to attend periodic meetings, participate in phone calls and/or exchange emails with their mentee, attend quarterly programs and complete a mentor evaluation survey at the end of the program.


Mentee Resources & Expectations

To be a mentee, individuals should be new or aspiring managers, be in good standing with the University with a performance rating of achieving or higher and have approval of your immediate supervisor.

Mentees are expected to initiate periodic meetings, phone calls and/or emails with their mentor and set agenda and goals for learning objectives, attend quarterly programs and complete a mentee evaluation survey at the end of the program. 


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  • Keith Herzog
  • Melanie Kruchten
  • Khadijat Olayiwola
  • Tameka Brannon
  • Kevin Connolly
  • Mark Tortoriello
  • Michaela Riley
  • Herra Iqbal
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