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Anesthesiology Center

Maintained by the Feinberg Department of Medical Education, the Department of Anesthesiology runs the Northwestern Anesthesiology Center for Clinical Simulation (NACCS).

NACCS is equipped with high-fidelity, full-body patient simulators, Tele-sim, virtual simulators, Task trainers and audiovisual equipment for debriefing purposes. Center staff provide realistic simulated clinical events and education on multiple levels, spanning from assistance with scenario design and technical support to comprehensive curriculum design and course delivery.

The center trains incoming anesthesiology residents on the operating room environment, care of an anesthetized patient and basic critical event management. The NACCS was also designed to accommodate the American Board of Anesthesiology’s Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology course (MOCA).

To learn more about the center and its educational programming, visit the Department of Anesthesiology website.

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